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  Celtic Festival Vendors

Food Vendors

Information for 2014 Celtic Festival Vendors

No vendors are allowed that have not been approved by our vendor committee.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor (food, merchandise, or demonstrator) at the 2014 Ormond Beach Celtic Festival, please contact Julia Truillo or Erin Bailey.

We would prefer that your merchandise relate to the Celtic culture as much as possible - some exceptions may be made to ensure that there are adequate food and other vendors for the expected guests. Our past festivals have had attendance in the 10,000 - 15,000 range.

We reserve the option to limit how many vendors are selling the same type of wares at our events. If you have a unique product or service that you offer please feel free to contact us.

A copy of our vendor application (2 parts, please download and complete both parts) may be downloaded
(Just "right-click" on the file name and "save/save link as" the file to your computer - you can then open as a pdf file and print it out - or, if you'd rather, just "click" on the file name and it will open in a NEW window and you can print from there)

If you have any difficulty downloading/sending in the vendor application, please contact any of the following:
Julia | Erin | Chuck

Here are the two files:
Rules/Regs (part 1) and Application (part 2)

Merchandise Vendors

Food Vendors