Aisling Grove

Aisling Grove is Jacksonville-based group that plays traditional and contemporary Irish and Celtic music. Vocal music includes pub songs, fun songs and ballads. Instrumental music includes jigs, reels, slides, slip-jigs and polkas, and tunes ranging from the Renaissance music of Turlough O'Carolan to music of the present day.

(As pictured - left to right)

Jack Piccalo (Banjo) is a lifelong banjo player who loves all music, especially anything with banjo. Over the years he has performed with several bands traveling the festival circuit, clubs, parties and many other venues. In addition to Celtic, his playing styles include bluegrass, oldtime, melodic, swing and some classic style.

Ken Taylor (Mandolin) also plays violin and was classically trained from the age of 12. He has enjoyed playing the violin in classical ensembles with north Florida Conservitory of music and the mandolin with various Americana, Old time and Bluegrass groups around the Jacksonville area. He is new to the Celtic genre of music and finds it has a lot of energy and motion.

Anna Strickland (Violin, Vocals) studied classical violin and traditional Irish fiddle techniques in her youth. As an adult, she's been focused on mastering the vast repertoire of old-time music. She has played in contradance bands as well as for special events and teaches fiddle in Jacksonville, FL.

Dan Forney (Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, Tenor Banjo) has a background in traditional American Music including bluegrass and old-time fiddle tunes. He has played in several bands in Southwest Virginia and Amelia Island.

Robin Aronson (Accordion, Bouzouki, Tin Whistle, Bodhran) has been performing since the age of 13 when she was a street accordionist at St. Augustine's annual Day in Spain Festivals. She comes from a 30 year background of performing Renaissance music where she played harp, recorders, crumhorns and violas da gamba.

Kat Braswell (Harp, Vocals) is a classically trained harpist with a strong passion for learning, teaching and performing folk music and traditional Celtic tunes. When she isn't harping, Kat enjoys middle eastern drumming, various dance forms and a great beer.

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