So, What's a
   "Jam Tent"????

Well, you just might find it to be one of the "funnest" places at the entire festival - cause we want you to bring YOUR instrument and play along in a circle jam format and/or participate and learn in the workshop sessions! Rank beginner or seasonsed "pro" - makes NO difference - just a place to hang out and play along with others at YOUR comfort level - the jam sessions will be interspersed with various workshop sessions oriented towards Celtic instrumentation.

The Jam & Workshop sessions will be hosted by our various performers and friends both Saturday and Sunday and will focus on Celtic Music and its'related instruments - both songs and tunes will be of Celtic influence, both old and new - something for everyone!

The jam and workshop hosts have a wide repertoire and can keep the jam or workshop moving - in the jams they'll go around the circle and see if anyone has a tune they'd like to lead or if the person doesn't know it they can still ask if the group knows it and can play it - the main goal is PARTICIPATION and involvement - remember, your skill level isn't that important - just come and play at your comfort level - open jam sessions are some of the fastest ways for newer folks to learn to play along/learn new tunes - come join us!!! (Bet you'll make some new friends too!!) - BRING YOUR INSTRUMENTS!!!