Mrs. Murphy's Chowder

Mrs. Murphy's Chowder is a Celtic Band with many Musical Ingredients, Cooking up some Hot Jigs & Reels with energy from a variety of instruments: Hammered Dulcimer, Fiddle, Guitar, Octave Mandolin, Upright Bass, Banjo, Spoons, Tin Whistle, Irish Flute, & Bodhran, the Irish Drum, as well as Poignant Celtic Ballads and Rousing Pub Tunes. Perhaps the most important ingredient in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder is the great fun these musicians have playing Celtic music together, and sharing it with others.

Music from Ireland, Scotland and British Isles has a magical power which encourages listeners to tap to the rhythm as it transforms faces with happiness of the lilt of hornpipes and jigs and makes you want to get up and dance. America has long had a love affair with this music that seems to go straight to the heart, both with the passion of the ballads and the fun of group singing often experienced in Pubs. Mrs. Murphy's Chowder's wants you to enjoy the musical heritage of these fine Isles from across the sea.

Mrs. Murphy's Chowder Celtic Band:
Sally Anderson: Hammered Dulcimer, Vocals, Percussion
Martha Hotz: Fiddle
Beth Reasoner: Guitar, Vocals
Doug Murray: Tin Whistles, Irish Flute, Vocals
Donny Lomnick: Guitar, Upright Bass, and Bodhran , Spoons

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