Scottish Country Dance with Tina Piejak

This is the third year that the SPACE COAST SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCERS OF TITUSVILLE are participating at the Ormond Beach Celtic Festival & Highland Games . Scottish Country Dancing is a modern form of the "country dancing" popular in England and Scotland in the 18th Century. It involves groups of six to ten people of mixed sex to form a "set" -- dancing to the driving strains of reels, and jigs.

On Saturday Tina Piejak has brought with her some young students who will be demonstrating three dances they have faithfully been practicing for the past two months, almost every Sunday and Wednesday afternoons.

In addition, Tina will be dancing, with some of her more experienced dancers, two more intricate and complicated dances.

Scottish Dancing is for all ages -ranging from elementary school kids up to senior citizens. After you watch us, tell me if your foot couldn't resist the pulsating toe tapping medley of these dances.

If interested in learning, please see Tina after the show. SCOTTISH DANCING IS FOR FUN AND FOR EVERYONE!!!